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  • 9 czerwca 2017

    Wszystkie kierunki nauczania (nawigacja, budowa okrętów, transport, logistyka, informatyka) odpowiadają potrzebom obecnego rynku pracy. Teoretyczna podstawa i praktyczne doświadczenie dadzą twojej przyszłej karierze dobry start. Szczecin jest doskonałym miastem do uprawiania sportu, zabawy i życia towarzyskiego. Witamy zagranicznych studentów z całego świata!

    Do you have a dream to study abroad but do not want to spend a fortune for that dream to come true? Or perhaps you want to combine your career and well paid job with adventure and travel opportunities? If so, this article is for you!


    As you probably suspect, this opportunity of study has nothing to do with accounting or commerce. It is a degree programme in navigation offered by a European university, in Poland, namely, Maritime University of Szczecin (MUS).


    Why MUS is worth choosing?


    Firstly, it has modern simulators, laboratories and its own ship where you will set your first steps in the life of a sea-dog. Secondly, MUS is a state university which means that, similarly to non-profit organisations, its offer is not strictly commercial. The annual fee is only 2.900 EUR, so for about 12.000 EUR you may complete your BSc degree. Furthermore, the costs of living in Szczecin are much lower than in western Europe. Szczecin, called the “Paris of the North”, is only 1.5 hour drive from Berlin. Actually, it is located in the very centre of Europe.


    What about the study programme?


    The quality of our teaching, equipment as well as our curricula are accredited not only by Polish Ministry of Education but also by international bodies supervising marine education. These are rock-solid guarantees you will be in the hands of professionals. On graduation and having completed 12 months of sea-time you will receive the Officer of the Watch rank (OOW) which is one of the very first steps in your seafaring career. To get above this rank with undergraduate diplomas from other universities you would have to complete their graduate programmes. The greatest advantage of our offer is that it saves you 2 years of additional education - our unique, integrated undergraduate curriculum of Navigation combines both “up to OOW” and “post OOW” levels. This way you can become a 1st officer or even a captain much, much sooner!


    What can I do after graduation?


    To sum up, after four years of study, as a MUS graduate you can start working with an international shipping company, marine services or commercial fleet with a high degree of specialization, fishing fleet, on a passenger ship, offshore vessel, drilling and production rig, survey or research vessel. Once your sea service totals about five years, you can become a Capitan of any sea-going or inland vessel. But if for some reasons you decide not to follow sea-going career, you will be more than sufficiently qualified to work on land for maritime authorities, harbour administration, technical/operating services or Search and Rescue units.


    Studying starts in MUS in the last week of September. There are already confirmed candidates from Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Nigeria, Poland and Russia. Candidates from Montenegro are also welcome!


    For more info on MUS go to this website: and watch You Tube:


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